Friday, October 4, 2013

Locations Needed - Extras Needed - IT Job Opportunities

Locations Needed for Film/TV - Extras Needed for Film - IT Job Opportunities

Hello everyone,  (These locations must be in Nassau County)
1 and 2) For television series, Hostages, they need a rundown house, decent size, possibly with a porch, that sits on a large piece of property.  It should feel a bit remote and lonely, off a less traveled road.  Ideally the interior hasn't been renovated and the exterior is a bit beat up or weathered.  One day of filming with prep and wrap, during the time frame for the episode of Monday, October 14 through Wednesday, October 23. (reference photos attached) - They're scouting in Long Island today, looking specifically for old, country homes that are desolate and in a neighborhood where houses are isolated from one another; kind of like a house in the middle of the woods or some where that is surrounded by so many trees and greenery that you can't see the neighbors. Something that's a little more on the "down" side (but not too down) with a long driveway and a house that's not right off the street. It's currently is scripted as a farmhouse, but we're certainly not looking for anything fancy or large.
Also - they're looking for a "rural" looking gas station (a mom and pop kind of service station). There may be some short exterior driving scenes around it. Perhaps, there's a neighborhood that may have this dynamic duo? They have 2-4 days to find this key location, as opposed to their usual 6-8 days.  If you have any suggestions, please e-mail and reference Hostages.
3) For short film, Dark Room, they're looking for a study and bedroom - luxurious, not white walls.  2 days. Cast and crew of 15. Films mid-November.  Only has $1,000 maximum for the day - this must include any village fees.  If you have any suggestions, please e-mail and reference Dark Room.
4)For NBC television show, The Blacklist, they're looking for a location to simulate a Washington DC transit station.  We referred them to the "circus" tracks in Garden City and the tracks at Gold Coast studios besides the MTA.  Any suggestions you can think of - I know this is a hard one!  If you have any suggestions, please e-mail and reference Blacklist.
5) For indie feature film, Stealing Cars, they're looking for a place to simulate a Juvenile Detention Center.  1 - 4 weeks.  This is a low-budget film.  If you have any suggestions, please e-mail and reference Stealing Cars.  They hope to film asap.

Also, extras needed for feature film, John Wick - GWCI is seeking SAG-AFTRA/NON-UNION men to portray a FEATURED AIRPORT GUARD WITH ARM TATTOOS for the feature film "John Wick" starring Keanu Reeves. Works Mon. 11/11. Must attend a fitting on a TBD date. Especially seeking older men with large body frames. Please send recent candid photo along with pictures of your arm tattoos and contact info to Put in the subject line: Facebook, Name, Role, Union Status, Availability, Phone Number (For example: Facebook, John Doe, Airport Guard, SAG-AFTRA, Avail. 11/11, 555-555-5555). This is for background work. Background work is a full day commitment. Shoots in NYC.

Job Opportunities:  Infosys International is looking to hire few good people for Business Development, Technical Recruiters and Mobile App developers.  If interested, please send resume to: 

Thank you for your help.
Best regards,

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