Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Locations Needed for Television Pilot

Locations Needed for Television Pilot

Hello everyone,   (These must be in Nassau County)
I’m working on a huge television pilot with a lot of difficult locations.
For television series, The Black List, they need a lot of help:
a)      They need a drawbridge for a massive stunt.  Do we have any other drawbridges besides the one on the loop parkway? They need to have access to it, closing it for significant parts of several days (they’ll work with any municipalities on the days themselves). 
b)      They will need to land a helicopter in a park that is adjacent to suburban houses.
c)       They need a skyscraper building that they can land a helicopter on.
d)      A Military housing looking development
e)      Hospital – film friendly
f)       Need a high level secure area, preferable somewhat modern.  Can be an old medical lab, or something like that.

They need to shoot mid-March through mid-April. If you have any suggestions, please e-mail debfilm@aol.com and reference Black List.
Thank you!

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