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Casting AND Locations Needed for Movies and Television

Voice Over (Spanish) and Casting for Infant

Seeking 5-9 month old Caucasian baby available for photo-shoot Fri 2/22 for new film "True Story". All day availability. SHOOTS NYC or LONG ISLAND. If interested pls submit: NAME, CONTACT NUMBER, AGE OF CHILD, *CANDID PHOTO OF CHILD* & AVAILABILITY, to - share if you know someone!
2)      Spanish speaking female needed for corporate voice over work.
 Perry Finkelstein
 Pro Video Productions, Inc.
 631 366-2100
3) Filmmaker is looking for a student animator to assist in making a 2 - 3 minute trailer for network presentations his cartoon show. "The Grimps" He is looking for a 2D animator. He can offer some pay and possible opportunities that will come from this. If interested, please contact
We lived 500 years ago...cursed by the evil Spectar because he was jealous of our music and celebrity...he cursed us into ugly little grimps , and banished us from society for eternity until one day our friend, Magic Alex found a spell to change us back to humans, but only from sunset to sunrise...a...
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Locations Needed for Movies and Television!

Hello everyone,  (These must be in Nassau County)

I am looking for the following locations.  If you have any suggestions, please e-mail both and as I will be out of the office both Thursday and Friday.

First off, we’re very excited that Ally Sheedy will be attending the 16th annual Long Island International Film Expo from July 18 – 25 (barring any work commitments) at the Bellmore Movies.  You can find out more about LIIFE at

Locations Needed:
1a)For a Twentieth Century Fox movie called "The Other Woman" starring Cameron Diaz and Kristen Wiig. Nick Cassavetes is directing the movie. They are looking for a couple of things. The first is a WIDE BEACH WITH DUNES where they can have the two girls stalking a guy. They're hiding out with binoculars spying on him and his girlfriend. 
1b) The second is what's scripted as a HAMPTONS BEACH SHACK that is under construction. They can make anything look like it's under construction with set dressing but it needs to be a house with interesting architecture.  They are basically looking for a stand-alone house that we would believe is next to or near a beach. It doesn't need to be far out there because nothing in the script ties it to a beach, but it needs to look like a cottage of sorts. Nick asked for one of those places that sit next to a land preserve so the owner can brag that no one will ever be able to build next to him. If you have any suggestions, please e-mail and and reference Other Woman.

2) For television series, Elementary, they’re trying to find these two building (reference photos attached) or any building in Nassau that might look like these.  If you have any referrals, please e-mail and and reference Elementary (First two photos).

3) The Black List, For television pilot, The Black List, they're looking for a classic colonial house on a bit of property (so they can build a guard booth), not overly decorated/minimal furniture, but cannot be vacant. What he is really looking for is a brick historical mansion on some property that can be shot both interior and exterior. If you have any suggestions, please e-mail and and reference Black List.

4) For a new feature film called MANIA DAYS - they are scouting for Psychiatric Hospitals to use in the film. Need an interior and an exterior. Interior: classic, "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" sort of place. Colorless, metallic, white. Exterior should feel mythical: a huge campus with dark brick, old vines on the walls, foreboding. 
Have included a few reference shots (last three photos) of the exterior as an example. Please send any referrals to and and reference Mania Days.

5) For CBS Television show, The Ordanes, they are looking for an old courthouse.    This is for 3 - 5 days in March.
If you have any suggestions, please e-mail and and reference Ordanes.
Thank you.

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