Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Locations Needed AND Actress Casting for Feature Film

Locations Needed and Casting for Actress for Feature Film

(Locations must be in Nassau County)
1) For a Leukemia & Lympohoma Society PSA, they need either a hosptial or a lab or clinic that can look like a hosptial for this PSA.  They need a room to simulate a cancer center - reclining chair, tv in room, equipment.  They also need an office with cubicles. This is for a three day shoot. If you have any suggestions, please e-mail debfilm@aol.com and reference White.
2)For PBS documentary, Two Popes, they're still looking for the ofifce space, open, like an old newsroom.  Modern, glass, steel and industrial. I'm attaching a reference photo. Please e-mail debfilm@aol.com and reference Two Popes.
3) For a movie that we're trying to keep here in November - we'll need the following locations.  This takes place in the 1950's, so it will need a period feel:  Hotel, high schools, offices (old, corporate), street corners, gyms, alley ways. 

4) For a film to be shot in September, they're looking for an acress to play a female newscaster.  This is a ultra-low-budget SAG feature, so non-union is fine. There will be a few lines. Not sure if this is going to be paid, but movie has some names in it, so it could be good exposure.  If interested, please send resume and headshot to debfilm@aol.com, and I will forward it to the director/producer.
Thank you.

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