Monday, July 2, 2012

Casting Notices AND Locations Needed

Hello All,

Please pass along the following casting notices:

2 Day TV Commercial Shoot (non union)
Where: Middletown, NY (1hr 30 mins from Manhattan)
When: July 14th & 15th. Would help to arrive Friday evening (13th) Hotel Room (share) provided.
Role: "The Customer"
Setting: Car Dealership.
A customer who has zero intention of being taken advantage of, is quickly & comically "tortured" by 3 car salesmen wise guys into buying something he totally can't afford.
A confident "on the outside", average looking, average to smaller size male. Body Type: anywhere from thin to a slightly over weight. (Jason Alexander to Jon Cryer). NO large muscles need apply.
This commercial requires "some" hair. Shaved heads will not work.
Possibility for very good EXPOSURE nation wide. We are not working with a very big budget, so this is not the "get rich" commercial, this is the "get seen" commercial!?
If interested....send head shot and online reel to Looking forward!!
a cineMOOK production.
Most recent work from director Rob Reilly & producer Lou Farragher: Tim Hutchinson's (Suns & Soul) debut music video...'Michigan'.
Visit 'cinemook' channel on YouTube.

2) We are auditioning folks and just in case you do not know...Here's To Us™ is looking for a woman to be able to work in several episodes and be a strong willed person but also must be a convincing drunk. IF you are interested please e-mail resume/bio and headshot/photo to
2a) Also need an "elegant" woman - early 40's. for Here's To Us (potential pilot for ABC's Livewell Channel - please e-mail photo/headshot and resume/bio to and reference Here's To Us! Thank you!

3) Location Needed - MacGuffin Films is looking for a film-friendly diner in the zone to shoot an AARP commercial sometime around the end of August. They would need to close the diner and have access for one full 10-hour day. Do you have any recommendations for her? If so, please e-mail and reference Townley/ McGuffin

4)We received a request from a production company that is considering filming a Joe Roth project in NY. It's a post apocalyptic story about another race taking over NYC and a rag tag group that challenges the aliens and saves the world.
Please let me know if you have anything in your area that would work for them for the following locations:
- abandon train tunnels
- train yards
- abandon warehouses that could pass for interior of Ellis Island
- abandon or functioning clearable military bases
- towns that have that post apocalyptic feel
- any type of shipyard that would be film friendly
If you have any suggestions, please e-mail and reference Roth feature.
Thank you!

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