Saturday, July 2, 2011

Locations Needed for Movies/TV!!

Hello All, (These must be in Nassau County)
1) For a Chapstick, commercial - July 19, 20 or 21. From the scout: They're loving the south shore beaches, but they don't like the large scale fishing piers I'm showing them. They're asking for a smaller, more rustic, dock, like in the layout I've attached. Do you know any people who might have a small dock behind their house, who would entertain a photo shoot for 6 hours? Or maybe a private boat club with a little dock?
If you have any referrals, please refer to "Chaptick Hutch"
2) Looking for abandoned buildings for a short film, "5th & Lexington." Mid August. Please refer to "Fifth & Lexington"
3) For small audio visual project for an artist, needs a body of water with no waves, and where you cannot see land when you look up from it. Probably North Shore, but can't be terribly expensive. Please refer to "Spence." 2nd week in August
4) TV series Pam Am is looking for an Italian Villa. July 21 - 22. Please refer to "Pan Am."
5) For a TJ Max Commercial - needs a store that would point to a street or to a courtyard. Could be an empty car dealership. Needs natural light. Needs to be big enough to be a TJ Max store. Please refer to "TJ Maxx Staudt" Juuly 20 - 22.
6)for TV Pilot "Promo Discover" they need a 1950 working class house - one level with a garage and a big backyard. Please refer to "Discover" July 13 - 15.
Thank you, and have a wonderful and safe holiday!

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