Monday, November 29, 2010

Locations Needed for Two Low-Budget, Indie Features

Hello All, (These must be in Nassau County)
1)Looking for locations for two indie films. One does have a budget, though a low one. They are looking for a closed, fast-food restaurant. Film name is "Compliance." This is for the last week of January or early to mid-February. 2 - 3 days prep, 3 days of shooting and 2-3 days of wrap. Must be in Nassau County - should be near Mineola.
2)Locations for "The Three," a Scott Goldberg Film.
a)From Scott: Just need an outside shot for a film that I'm shooting. I'm using a DSLR HD Still Camera and tripod only and hoping to either get permission or do it guerrilla style. Any location or towns with an institution type of building where Scientists would be or base their headquarters out of would be appreciated. It doesn't have to be an actual place where scientists work, but something that can pass for it.Just need an exterior shot of a building that can pass for where a scientist headquarters would be.
b) looking to shoot for an hour in a room of a quiet house - from the 50s, meaning nothing modern in it - for some reason I'm thinking an old building that may be on a reservation or not being used anymore. We're setting up a table and three characters as the scene is of a man talking to the other two men about doing a sale - hell, we can even do this scene as they all stand, doesn't need to be at a table - looking to make this quick and simple.... It's for an HD project and it's $50 pay for the hour. Think of "The William Cullen Bryant House" type feel with the interior walls, etc. A place with windows would be great. It's all natural lighting and is me and a camera, no other crew.
If you have any suggestions for "Compliance," please note the name of the movie and send it to me at If you have any suggestions for Scott Goldberg, you can e-mail him directly at
Thank you.

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