Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Keanu Reeves Movie Location AND To Write, Right.

(Sarah and Caleb. Photo by Carl Timpone)

Keanu Reeves Movie Seeks a Modern Courtroom

Keanu Reeves is directing/producing his first movie, Henry's Crime. It's not a big budget film as he's doing it all out of pocket. They are looking for a modern (no paneling) courtroom for a brief scene. They'd like it preferably near East Meadow, but they may look elsewhere if necessary.

If you have something you think might work for them, please e-mail me at

To Write, Right

One of the things I love about Facebook and all the other social networking sites and blogs, is learning different point of views and sometimes getting valid advice.

I read a blog by an author who stated that you should always write for traditional publication. He stated that if you didn’t, you were most likely delusional.

I read the other writer’s comments and some were delusional, some were pompous and some were middle of the road. I’d like to believe I’m in the latter category.

Yes, of course; writers write to be read. I get thrilled when someone e-mails me and tells me how one of my books has touched them. I don’t write the happily-ever-after gooey kind of romances that seem to be so popular – but certainly romances they are. Romances with a lot of gut-wrenching I can’t believe that happened kind of moments...and plenty of sex. From the feedback I get, they’re well written. Even agents have told me that – but either the stories are not happy enough, too graphic, not graphic enough, or all that’s selling right now are vampires stories and regency romances.

So I started reading every vampire book I could get my hands on to see if this is something I might write in my own style. I came up with a supernatural love story – but not in the vampire vein (pardon the pun). But then I started getting crankier and more irritable. What was wrong? I wondered.

I read the blogs of writers who have several books published, and they still need to submit proposals for approval before they can write a story. Other successful writers have been made to change and rewrite what they done – only to have it still rejected by the agent/publisher.

So why do I write, and how do my stories come about? They just do. I don’t know why. I’ve known since I wrote my first book when I was six years old that I was supposed to write. I’ve written two novels which I published (Naked in the Rain, Sarah and Caleb), a third which I’m sending to agents (Karmic Wind), I’ve written two novellas and now have started my fourth novel.

I have notes for another half a dozen books at my disposal. But when I tried to write what I was told I “should” write – I seem to lose all inspiration. Now that doesn’t mean I can’t take an idea someone gives me and write for profit (example ghostwriting). That I can do easily. And if feedback makes sense, I have no problem changing something to make a better story. But my stories come from my heart. They’re deep and dark, and exhilarating and painful. And I feel that my characters deserve to come to life.

I want to create something wonderful. I’ve read decent books, good books, better books and then there are those that take you on a roller coaster. The page turners that transport you to another place; one where you actually feel you’re there. You think about those characters even when you’re not reading, and for several days after. Sometimes they stay with you – and you remember them intimately. THOSE are the kinds of characters and stories I want to write. Maybe they don’t fit the standard. I don’t want to criticize someone else’s “art.” It’s not my place to do so. I will read best-sellers from time to time to see what’s out there. Sometimes it seems that they are writing from a formula.

Anita Shreve, Alice Hoffman and Lisa Alther have written books that enthrall me. Nelson DeMille’s books will keep me glued to the pages, and there are various books that I’ve read along the way that remind me why I love reading so much.

I have to believe that if you write what is in your heart – the rest will follow. I want to write books that people can “feel.” We’re all connected – this is my way of reaching out, teaching, commiserating, touching another’s soul.

Should writing only be for the mainstream? Should writing what spirit moves you too make you delusional?

What do you think?


  1. Oh I would love to be an extra on set! How does one get involved?!

  2. I think you have to go to their extra's casting department or agent. It's rarely we get involved with extra work - though ocassionally we do. We helped with (at their request) "Music and Lyrics" and the episode of "Mad About You."

  3. Trinity, I checked with an actor I know, and he told me this (re: extra casting):

    From actor Tony Kost: "Grant Wilfley, C ang G casting, Central Casting,in Philly there is Heery casting. You can submit on line through Casting Networks,or NY Castings, or go to the open calls. Wilfley has a website that lists all productions they are doing, and you can submit via email on there. I reccommend having a resume on Backstage or on NY Castings, that way you can send off a nice professional looking resume."