Monday, April 18, 2016

Commercial - SAG/NonSAG - Leads and one-liners


Auditions Tuesday and Wednesday,  April 19 and 20 – NYC
Films – April 27 and 28 – Williamsburg Brooklyn

Commercial Leads –
Spokes Person – Pay - $500 per day
A 30 – 50 year old Caucasian man. He is a dreamboat,  born with a silver spoon in his mouth, our smug spokesperson is charismatic and engaging and importantly, believable. Our ‘facts’ should be delivered in a forthright tone with conviction. It never occurs to him that he might be wrong. With a machine gun delivery at times, he’ll bamboozle the audience clearly lacking self-awareness.
The ability to state the absurd with a straight face and a good sense of comic timing is vital.

Jose – Pay $400 per day
A nice looking, bright, inquisitive 18 year old Latino. Clean cut and bright looking, Jose is sometimes a bit naïve, he’s learning to think for himself. Jose is caught off guard by the quick talking spokesperson and is swept along with the excitement, but throughout the film, Jose learns and realizes he must stand up to the spokesperson. A good sense of comic ability is important.

One liners –  $350 per day flat
Will be asked to self-submit tape ASAP. Possible audition in NYC Tues and Weds.

2x time hipsters looking guys
Two hipsters everyone loves to hate: Facial hair, man buns, tattoos, glasses. Kids from Williamsburg, you know the type.

Smart looking Hispanic girl. Nothing too over the top or pretty, again, this has to be relatable.

Poll Worker –
Mr. Average Guy. Very straight looking, a stickler for the rules.

Asian Guy
Again, a relatable 18 year old.

Old Guy
Grumpy looking, old white guy who represents authoritative figure, the old guard of politics, white, wealthy and out of touch with our viewers.  Hasn’t a clue what a tweet is, and thinks snapchat is a card game. This would make a great cameo for someone if we could get a name.

Reporter x 4 – 3 female – 2 male
Smart well-dressed professionals – 30 – 50

Please contact and reference Nope the Vote and the role you wish to apply for.

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