Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Update on Intention Films and Media and Studio Available for Low-Budget Filmmakers!!

Hello everyone!
I know it's been so long since I posted. Life has been crazy busy, but all good. 
I've spent the last six months developing my web serious - Couple of Guys, and I'm very excited to have started taking meetings to discuss financing, pitching etc. 
I love the story, I love the actors, and I cannot wait to begin filming!! If you want to find out more about it, you can can check out our web page athttp://www.intentionfilmsandmedia.com/couple-of-guys.html and please like our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Couple-of-Guys-705411239557615/?fref=ts -of-guys.html
Besides that, a film that I produced and cast is close to being completed called BIRR - great director, Joey MHz. He was great work with, and we're planning future projects together.
My films, The Last Taxi Driver and Leaving are on the festival circuit and doing well, and By Blood is now being submitted to festivals - please check my website for info on those films - www.IntentionFilmsandMedia.com  
BUT the coolest thing that I wanted to bring to your attention is an offer from my friend, Hughie Daly, of JHD Productions that he's extending to low-budget filmmakers to get their projects done!! I'm very excited about this - and you should be too!!

From Hugh Daly:
Subject: Time to make that movie you have been itching to make...

With 33 years of Film and video production behind me, I am announcing a new program of working with young and determined filmmakers to actually turn that awesome screenplay of yours into an actual movie.
I am the owner of JHD Productions and I've decided to get my company back to it's roots and back to my first love...Independent Filmmaking !
I am throwing open my 2100sq.ft. studio doors and am willing to work with small and tiny budgets to get your film made. Time to put that videophone aside and get serious about your project.
I have a fully equipped studio facility which includes green screen staging, Four(4) High Def. full feature cameras that use the P2 card technology. Full Audio. Full studio lighting on 2 massive dimmer packs with ceiling grids. Also over one dozen LED & Fluro low power/high output lighting rigs for studio and location shooting. JHD can shoot from ANY location plus we carry full insurance for remote filming in commercial and private location areas.
Time to stop dreaming and get on the phone and talk to me about how I can become as excited as you about your screenplay. Please check out my website www.jhdproductionsltd.net
and get back to me. I have ALL the bells & whistles just sitting in my studio waiting to work with you to make your future award winning film.
Hugh C. Daly (www.imdb.com)
JHD Productions Ltd.
62 South 2nd Street   Unit E
Deer Park, New York 11729
Tel: 631-595-2818

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