Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Casting for SAG Ultra Low Budget Film

Casting for SAG Ultra Low Budget Feature Film


JOEY– 4,5 or 6 year-old boy to play a preschooler.  Approx height 3 ft- 3 ½  ft.  Expressive and interesting face.  Child needs ability to listen and take direction.  Can be an older child who appears younger.  Joey says only 1 word in the film but he is a supporting role.  Excellent exposure for the right child.  Shooting approx. 10 days. Various locations around Suffolk and Nassau.

2 yo JOEY  – Need a younger Joey for Flashback scene.  One scene.  Paid role. 

DR. BENNETT –   African American male, divorced father and Trish’s best friend and colleague.  Dr. Bennett is lonely and although just friends, has an obvious love and attraction for Trish.

BRIAN –  Jamie’s ex boyfriend.  An addict, in and out rehab, father to Joseph.  He and Jamie have a tumultuous past.  Long, lean, gaunt and tattooed. 

MRS. E – 50-60 yo.  Suzie’s elementary school teacher.  Full figured woman.  

BRIAN’S GIRLFRIEND – 25 yo, Non speaking role.  Thin, bleached blonde. 

MR. WARD – 70-80 yo, Trish’s dental patient who reminds her of her father. Frail.  Lovely face.  

Please email reel, headshot and resume to and reference, Stuff. 

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