Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Award Winning Filmmaker Panel

LIIIFE 2013 Date Changes AND Award Winning Filmmakers Panel!!

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Hello everyone.  This year’s Long Island International Film Expo (LIIFE) will be held from July 18 - 25, 2013. (Please note that this is a date change) AND, we are open for film submissions now.  Take advantage of the deeply discounted earlybird prices AND we now offer student, filmmakers connection AND LIIFE Alumni discounts!  Apply at www.LongIslandFilm.com

We are having another filmmaker panel to promote LIIFE at Adelphi
University's Alumni House in Garden City, on Tuesday March 5th from
7pm-8:30pm. Our award winning panelists include Joan Stein Schemke,
Stevan Mena, Stephen Marro, and Steven Moskovic. Some of the topics
covered will be the artistic process, making sure your film is ready
for distribution and what to look out for when making a deal.

This is a free event and all are welcome to atten.You'll need to
RSVP. Please note that as of January 29th the site has not been
updated to reflect this event. You can RSVP by calling Tom Luberto at
516.877.3058 or email him at tluberto@adelphi.edu. In the meantime,
please keep this link handy: http://events.adelphi.edu/LIIFE/. If you
have any questions you can email Jim Cook at Jim.Cook2006@gmail.com.
We look forward to meeting you!

We’re very excited that LIIFE Alumnus, Julian Adams, will be releasing his film, Phantom, (starring Ed Harris and David Duchovny) on March 1, 2013 – hope you’ll support this friend of LIIFE!

If you’re interested in finding out up-to-the-minute information on film jobs that I hear about (both cast and crew) or locations needed for film/tv/commercials, plus other film related information (or my own personal musings), check www.debramarkowitz.blogspot.com  You can also sign up for our twitter account below, and I will tweet whenever I have anything film-related of interest.   Let’s keep the work here!!  If you are a filmmaker/casting person who knows of any positions, I can post those for you as well.  Please e-mail me details:  Union or nonUnion, personnel needed, whether it’s a paid position, when, where and what.  Thank you.

We’re now on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace AND have our own Youtube channel!  Come join us at: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/pages/Long-Island-International-Film-Expo/125921132847, youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/user/LongIslandFilmExpo, myspace at: myspace.com/liifilmexpo  and Twitter at: www.twitter.com/liintlfilmexpo

If you had a film in the Long Island International Film Expo and have received a distribution deal (DVD, theatrical, and/or television), please send us a blurb and a link, and we’ll promote it for you on the Long Island International Film Expo facebook site.

If you have a home in Nassau County and would like to list it as a possible location for film/tv/commercial production, please contact debfilm@aol.com or call 516 571-3168.

If you have a business, service, or headshot you would like to bring to the attention of the dedicated audience that visits LongIslandFilm.com – consider placing a banner ad.  They are quite reasonable.  You will have your ad shown in random rotation for an entire year.  Small banner ads are $150 – (120 x 60 pixels).  Large banner ads are $300 (468 x 60 pixels).  If interested, please e-mail your banner ad in the appropriate amount of pixels to debfilm@aol.com.  Please include the URL you would like your ad to be connected to.  You can pay by check to LIFTF, or by PalPay under “The Foundation” and then “Donations.”  Just let us know when you send in your banner ad.

We also have journal ad space available in our 2013 LIIFE Journal – please e-mail debfim@aol.com for a journal ad form.

You can now pay for your membership to the Filmmakers Connection through PayPal on the www.LongIslandFilm.com website.  Please be sure to include your name, address, phone #, e-mail address, which area of the film industry you are involved in (ex. Writer/director/producer) and whether or not you are already getting this newsletter by e-mail.  Cost is $30 per year fee.  If you are a student with current ID, it is $15 to join.)
If you would like to become a member (or renew your membership) of the Filmmakers Connection, please send $30, made out to the LIFTF to the Long Island Film/TV Foundation, c/o Bellmore Movies, 222 Pettit Avenue, Side Entrance, Bellmore, NY  11710.  You may also pay at the meetings.  The $30 membership fee entitles you to attend the Filmmakers Connection meetings for free.  It also entitles you to discounts on Foundation functions such as the Long Island International Film Expo, the Awards Ceremony party, all mailings and newsletters, and (if all other criteria is met) a chance at winning the $1,000/$500 Finishing Fund Grant. (When you send in your $30, please be sure to include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and how you are involved with the film industry, i.e. director, producer, voice overs, etc.) and whether you are already getting this newsletter by e-mail.  If you are a student with appropriate college/high school ID, the cost is $15 to join for the year.  If you do not join, you can still attend meetings for free.

Please be advised that the Foundation/Film Commissions/Film Offices are not responsible for speaker cancellations.  Every effort will be taken to insure a speaker’s availability on the date mentioned.  In case of a cancellation, every effort will be made to book an alternate speaker.

For information on the Long Island Film/TV Foundation contact Robert Hansen at 516 707-2237.  For information about the Long Island International Film Expo, please contact Debra Markowitz at 516 571-3168.



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