Monday, February 13, 2012

Locations for Feature Film!!

Hi everyone,     (This must be in Nassau County)

For feature film, Bitter Pill, a Steven Soderberg film, they're looking for a home on the water to simulate Greenwich, CT, but they want to stay in Nassau County.  They also may have to hover a helicopter at the home.  This film stars Jude Law, Rooney Mara, Channing Tateum and Catherine Zeta-Jones.  They have a "decent" budget, but not a huge budget. Village fees will have to be taken into account. They also have 60 person cast and crew as opposed to a usual 150 +, so it's more manageable.
I've attached a representative photo.
They are looking for one day of exterior filming between April 10 and the end of May.  They may need to be able to hover a helicopter, which would ideally base nearby, and bring in only for the shots, perhaps for a total of about 4 hours throughout the day. 
Please let me know if your area has this and would welcome this, based on the aesthetic and the helicopter requirement. 
Also, they want the house to be ON the water.  Their producer specifically asked about Oyster Bay.  How about your area?  Please send suggestions to and reference Bitter Pill.
Thank you.

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