Friday, August 5, 2011

Cast and Crew Job Opportunites AND Locations Needed for commercials/movies

Cast and Crew Job Opportunities and Locations Needed

Steady Cam Operator needed for short film - Seeking a steady cam operator with own equipment for a silent short film on Sunday, August 28th, in New York City. The pay is $700 for the day.
All interested parties contact me with info and reel at – Alain

Royal Pains needs extras!! They need “young and attractive” bar patrons, real-housewife types, models and model-types, yachtsmen, financial brokers, surfers and beachgoers. Send an email including “recent, clear snapshots that best represent you as the role you are submitting for, your basic stats (height & weight), and contact information to” put “Bayshore LOCAL” in the subject line.

(These locations must be in Nassau County)
We are currently looking for the following locations:
1)For a NY Lottery commercial - an office park building where someone can ride a horse through the lobby, they will also need to put a golf cart in the elevator. It needs elevators, should have an atrium, though atrium does not have to be ground level. Should have cubicles. An empty building would be great, or a very film friendly one! Possibly a two date shoot week of 8/22/11. Please reference: Lotto Broz

2) For television series, Person of Interest, they're looking for a police evidence lock-up area. Please reference: Person of Interest

3) For a lingerie catalog, one day shoot, interior of an old world mansion with paint chipped off walls, wood floors. Kind of falling apart - please reference "Fellows"

3) Hockey Rink - We have had a call from a production company that is looking for an ice hockey rink with an older design, that can hold approximately 3,000 people, and would include locker rooms, equipment room, office, etc. The film is set in 1950s in a small town in Ontario. This project is in the very early development stages. They are based in California, but would like to film in NYS, if possible (we like that and definitely don’t want them to go to Ontario). The ice hockey rink is the key location, so everything will revolve around finding the rink with the perfect look for them. They plan to start filming in late winter and go into spring of 2012. They have identified a few places that were older, but they had been redone inside so they lost the 1950’s feel and weren’t acceptable.I am reaching out to all regional offices and hope that someone can help identify the perfect location for this project. Once the rink is confirmed, they would like to bundle the rest of their wish list (see below) in the same area.
Ext. Blue-collar residential neighborhood in Detroit with interiors of two houses
Ext. Blue-collar commercial street with a neighborhood bank and bank interior
Int./ext.Train or bus station (exactly which is to be determined-- going to Canada by train as opposed to other means of transportation greatly limits us in terms of locations, and we already have a significant challenge by needing a period hockey arena)
Ext. Commercial street with small businesses in small town Ontario
Int./ext. Barbershop in small town Ontario
Int./ext. Minor league hockey arena (ideally seating +/- 3000 spectators), including locker rooms, equipment room, office, etc. in small town Ontario
Ext. Blue-collar residential area in small town Ontario
Int./ext. Diner in small-town Ontario
Int./ext. Elementary school in small-town Ontario
Int./ext. Modest Apartment (interior could be a set) in small-town Ontario
Int./ext. Police station in small-town Ontario
Int. Hospital waiting room in small-town Ontario

Thank you, and please refer any suggestions to, referencing the job.

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