Thursday, October 14, 2010

Filmmakers Connection Meeting for October - Bring Headshots!



The next Filmmakers Connection Meeting will be held on Monday (Yes, that’s a Monday), October 18, 2010 at 7:00 pm in Room 303 of Five Towns College in Dix Hills, NY 11746. The speakers are:
Producer/Actress Helen Promos will show her award wining short film, Taught To Hate, which is directed by James Garcia Sotomayor. This story is inspired by hate crimes on Long Island. Helen plays the role of Mary, a mother trying to counteract the negative influences of a prejudiced brother on her son (played by real life son, teen actor Brandon Hannan-The Sopranos). This film has won many awards and continues to breeze around the world in festivals in hopes of helping to stop hate crimes. Tagline is "Compassion starts at does hate". Helen will guide you on how to make a successfully SAG short film with a shoe string budget, she answer questions regarding how to submit your film to the top film festivals , she will share her stories on what it is like to screen a film at some of the critical acclaimed film festivals.
This film is a must see .....

Jerry Parisi Owner of AdCount Marketing and Executive Producer of the new TV Series Here’s To Us™
Introducing Here’s To Us™. will be speaking and showing ad clips from the show Here’s To Us™a unique product placement drama series, which offers you the opportunity to enhance your brands recognition, and identity through a dramatic TV series at fraction of the cost you would normally pay
He will also be speaking about the ship The Bounty which will be used in the pilot episode, filming will take place at Port Jefferson.
The shows producers are looking for actors to play pirates and any other interesting people to work with the show. The producers will be collecting headshots.

Donna McKenna will be collecting canned foods for the local foods banks – so please bring in some canned food for the needy.

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