Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Movie Locations Needed and Casting for Actors/Actresses

Casting for Actors/Actresses and Locations Needed for Movie Shoot

Firstly, that casting job for children that I posted yesterday has been filled - please don't send any more resumes/e-mails - thank you.

Via Michelle Rouhani: CASTING: Indy feature film needs bg actors Sept-Nov 2010. Shooting in and around NY, LI & NJ. Men-women ages 18-75 yrs old, all ethnicities encouraged to apply. Pays $85/day for non union and SAG scale for SAG actors. Will post for special ability and stand ins info when needed. Pls submit hs/resume to cpcre8tivemedia@aol.com. In subject line put: Blackmail BG (and if you're not on CP Cre8tive Media Casting page,please do so for up to date castings. Not all posts get put on her page).

Locations needed for a large movie shoot. If you have any suggestions, please e-mail debfilm@aol.com. These must be in Nassau County, NY.

Thank you.

1) Villain's Lair
a factory or industrial space for the interior lair of our master villain - architecturally dynamic, enormous, the more hi-tech the better but could be something old we convert into hi-tech with manufacturing component. a sprawling space, that could feel temporary, like he just set up shop in there recently, and is on the move/in hiding. still looking to feel remote, not NYC, would be nice if it had an interior/exterior aspect. someplace we can build into, with some character that is dissonant with the tech enterprise that is going on inside.

examples: closed down museums, old train stations or bus terminals, water treatment plants or other industrial spaces, massive nightclub or converted church, military bunker, in iron man they shot in a a factory that builds commercial aircraft, quarries, crypts

2) Hi-tech Research-Facility
a hi-tech "campus" (or cluster of buildings) - like a Google or Cupertino facility with modern exteriors (especially glass) with great interior spaces that could be used as labs, etc (we like Brookhaven National Labs, but would love to see more options)

3) Stark Tower lobby
lobby of a glass, ultra-modern skyscraper, featuring atrium with multiple levels
they love the hearst tower for this but no filming allowed. If there are any brand new high end glass buildings in Nassau County, we'd love to take a look.

Thank you,

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