Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Location Needed for Kate Winslet Miniseries - and - What Pisses You Off?

Location needed for Kate Winslet Miniseries – and – What Pisses You Off?

Locations Needed:

1) HBO miniseries, Mildred Pierce, starring Kate Winslet is looking for a large home or restaurant overlooking the water to look like a Laguna Beach restaurant in the 1930’s. Must be in Nassau County. To shoot spring of 2010.

2) For a Dunkin Donuts commercial – a large, older office needed, circa 60s or 70s. Needs a single office leading into a larger office for this one day shoot.

3) Need a large, modern office for a Fiber One commercial for a one day shoot.

If you have any suggestions in Nassau County, please e-mail debfilm@aol.com.

What Pisses You Off?

I’m not talking about your boyfriend leaving the toilet seat up, or your wife leaving the toothpaste cap off. I’m talking about things that are just…wrong. Actions taken by companies or governments that somehow have become acceptable. How to change them is another thing – but first, let’s get it all off our chests.

Being charged a fee if someone bounces a check on you. Whose bright idea was this? The person who bounces the check, yes. But the person who is the innocent depositer? How is this their fault? Charge the person who bounced the check twice as much, but not the person who is not at fault.

Being charged extra pool fees, laundry fees, conference room fees, etc. on top of what you pay for a hotel room, even if you never used any of those services/rooms. This is not okay. The flat rate should be the flat rate – end of story.

Unless you’re going to be a lawyer, accountant or go into any other specialized field, who decided that it was necessary to get a college degree? My degree did not help me in any of the jobs I’ve held. Did yours? Along with this one, standardized tests that show nothing other than that the person is a good test taker. Why torture students with this? And how do we change it?

Cigarette smokers throwing their cigarette butts out their car windows. What is that about? If you want to smoke it’s your business, but keep your butts in your car. If you don’t want to dirty your car, don’t smoke. I walk almost every day, and you can’t go a foot without seeing several cigarette butts on the ground. If you can get a ticket for littering – why isn’t this taken seriously? If you drive in New York for at least 15 minutes, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll see at least one person throw a butt out their window and onto the ground. Any advice to fix this?

Gum crackers. It may be fun, take stress off, or be unconscious, but it’s really annoying to the people around you. Please keep your slurping, cracking, popping and other annoying sounds to yourself. Thank you 

So, what pisses you off?


  1. From Wendie Riggs Smith:

    "Unreliability! If you're not going to follow through with something, DON'T TELL SOMEONE YOU ARE GOING TO DO IT!!! That just drives me CRAZY! Especially when it costs someone A LOT of money and you bail.....

    I agree with the Gum Crackers too, but you better add teeth suckers to that...

    Thanks Debra!"

  2. From: Phil Harwood

    "Outsourced Customer Service"

  3. From Kate Lillie:

    "Slow walkers and large groups of people who jeopardize the entire sidewalk in NYC :)"

  4. What pisses me off? How shall I count the ways...

    Those annoying "mini-commercials" at the bottom of the TV screen.

    People that park their car leaving their windows open and music blaring.

    Any mention of Christmas before Santa brings up the rear of the Macy's Parade.

    Christmas Lights left up after Valentine's Day.

    Valentine's Day.

    And, of course, anything but Gin or Vodka in a Martini.