Sunday, February 14, 2021

It Has Been A While

 Hello everyone,

Life (and LIIFE) has certainly been interesting.

I've let my Blog (My Inside Voice) go by the wayside, but I'll be getting back to it, soon!

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Commercial - SAG/NonSAG - Leads and one-liners


Auditions Tuesday and Wednesday,  April 19 and 20 – NYC
Films – April 27 and 28 – Williamsburg Brooklyn

Commercial Leads –
Spokes Person – Pay - $500 per day
A 30 – 50 year old Caucasian man. He is a dreamboat,  born with a silver spoon in his mouth, our smug spokesperson is charismatic and engaging and importantly, believable. Our ‘facts’ should be delivered in a forthright tone with conviction. It never occurs to him that he might be wrong. With a machine gun delivery at times, he’ll bamboozle the audience clearly lacking self-awareness.
The ability to state the absurd with a straight face and a good sense of comic timing is vital.

Jose – Pay $400 per day
A nice looking, bright, inquisitive 18 year old Latino. Clean cut and bright looking, Jose is sometimes a bit na├»ve, he’s learning to think for himself. Jose is caught off guard by the quick talking spokesperson and is swept along with the excitement, but throughout the film, Jose learns and realizes he must stand up to the spokesperson. A good sense of comic ability is important.

One liners –  $350 per day flat
Will be asked to self-submit tape ASAP. Possible audition in NYC Tues and Weds.

2x time hipsters looking guys
Two hipsters everyone loves to hate: Facial hair, man buns, tattoos, glasses. Kids from Williamsburg, you know the type.

Smart looking Hispanic girl. Nothing too over the top or pretty, again, this has to be relatable.

Poll Worker –
Mr. Average Guy. Very straight looking, a stickler for the rules.

Asian Guy
Again, a relatable 18 year old.

Old Guy
Grumpy looking, old white guy who represents authoritative figure, the old guard of politics, white, wealthy and out of touch with our viewers.  Hasn’t a clue what a tweet is, and thinks snapchat is a card game. This would make a great cameo for someone if we could get a name.

Reporter x 4 – 3 female – 2 male
Smart well-dressed professionals – 30 – 50

Please contact and reference Nope the Vote and the role you wish to apply for.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Casting Notices

Casting Notices

I need, for a SAG/NonSAG commercial:
1) An 18 year old Hispanic actor to play a first time voter
2) A smarmy, middle spokesman who must be able to deliver absurd lines in a straight manner. He's a guy we don't like.
For a two day shoot in April. Shoots in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, right off the L.
Casting will be this Tuesday and Wednesday in NYC.
Please send resume, headshot and reel to 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Filmmakers Connection Meeting (March 30), Finishing Fund Grants and LIIFE - The Long Island International Film Expo

Hello everyone,
Only 9 more days to enter this year’s Long Island International Film Expo! Cut off is March 1, 2016 - Don’t miss out!
*Please see information on judging below.
AND, we have a Filmmakers Connection Meeting - On Wednesday, March 30 at 7:00 p.m., the Long Island Film/TV Foundation, Long Island's oldest not-for-profit group serving the independent film community on Long Island, will be holding a Filmmakers Connection Meeting for those in the industry and those who would like to be, at the  East Meadow Library - ;
This meeting will feature filmmakers Summer Crockett Moore and Tony Glazer whose independent hit, Junction, won awards nationwide in 2012 and 2013, and since has been distributed worldwide. 
Summer and Tony have since filmed and produced a number of short films and web series and expanded their own production company, Choice Films.
Choice Films Inc. is a multi-award-winning independent production company that produces films, television programming and web content for worldwide distribution.  Choice Theatricals is the theater production arm of the company and is committed to bringing new plays to the stage and giving emerging and established playwrights the opportunity to realize their work with full productions that will continue to foster their artistic development. 

These meetings are free and provide an educational and networking element to filmmakers across Long Island and the city. For more information, please email
Our Long Island Film/TV Foundation Finishing Fund Grant competition is now open until April 1, 2016. You will find information and applications here -
We’re now on Facebook, Twitter, AND have our own Youtube channel!  Come join us at:, youtube at:, and Twitter at:
And a cool site, and one of our LIIFE sponsors, for all things Long Island –
Since 1996, has been the go-to resource for locals looking for the scoop on what's happening here on Long Island. From breaking local news coverage, to the scoop on the hottest upcoming events & entertainment, to LI's best dining options, an inside look at local businesses, and everything in between, has it all, which is why the site has been Long Island's Most Popular Website for the past two decades. Whether you're a native Long Islander looking to stay in the know, or a tourist looking to make the most out of your stay, has everything you're looking for right here on Long Island.
If you’re interested in finding out up-to-the-minute information on film jobs that I hear about (both cast and crew) or locations needed for film/tv/commercials, plus other film related information (or my own personal musings), check  You can also sign up for our twitter account below, and I will tweet whenever I have anything film-related of interest.   Let’s keep the work here!!  If you are a filmmaker/casting person who knows of any positions, I can post those for you as well.  Please e-mail me details:  Union or nonUnion, personnel needed, whether it’s a paid position, when, where and what.  Thank you.
If you had a film in the Long Island International Film Expo and have received a distribution deal (DVD, theatrical, and/or television), please send us a blurb and a link, and we’ll promote it for you on the Long Island International Film Expo facebook site. And if you’d like to be added to our LIIFE Alumni page on FB, please send me a PM, and I will add you.
If you have a home in Nassau County and would like to list it as a possible location for film/tv/commercial production, please or call 516 571-3168.
*Judging – Many people know that I am also a filmmaker. For this reason, I am no longer a judge at LIIFE. I have also made the commitment that if the festival would like to screen one of my films, they may, but if I’ve directed or written it, IT CANNOT WIN. We have approximately 15 judges, many of whom I do not know. Hence, it is not my decision who will be accepted or who will win.
If you have a business, service, or headshot you would like to bring to the attention of the dedicated audience that visits – consider placing a banner ad.  They are quite reasonable.  You will have your ad shown in random rotation for an entire year.  Small banner ads are $200 – (120 x 60 pixels).  Large banner ads are $350 (468 x 60 pixels).  If interested, please e-mail your banner ad in the appropriate amount of pixels to  Please include the URL you would like your ad to be connected to.  You can pay by check to LIFTF, or by PalPay under “The Foundation” and then “Donations.”  Just let us know when you send in your banner ad.
Please be advised that the Foundation/Film Commissions/Film Offices are not responsible for speaker cancellations.  Every effort will be taken to insure a speaker’s availability on the date mentioned.  In case of a cancellation, every effort will be made to book an alternate speaker.
For information about the Long Island International Film Expo or the Filmmakers Connection, please contact Debra Markowitz at 516 571-3168.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Update on Intention Films and Media and Studio Available for Low-Budget Filmmakers!!

Hello everyone!
I know it's been so long since I posted. Life has been crazy busy, but all good. 
I've spent the last six months developing my web serious - Couple of Guys, and I'm very excited to have started taking meetings to discuss financing, pitching etc. 
I love the story, I love the actors, and I cannot wait to begin filming!! If you want to find out more about it, you can can check out our web page at and please like our facebook page at -of-guys.html
Besides that, a film that I produced and cast is close to being completed called BIRR - great director, Joey MHz. He was great work with, and we're planning future projects together.
My films, The Last Taxi Driver and Leaving are on the festival circuit and doing well, and By Blood is now being submitted to festivals - please check my website for info on those films -  
BUT the coolest thing that I wanted to bring to your attention is an offer from my friend, Hughie Daly, of JHD Productions that he's extending to low-budget filmmakers to get their projects done!! I'm very excited about this - and you should be too!!

From Hugh Daly:
Subject: Time to make that movie you have been itching to make...

With 33 years of Film and video production behind me, I am announcing a new program of working with young and determined filmmakers to actually turn that awesome screenplay of yours into an actual movie.
I am the owner of JHD Productions and I've decided to get my company back to it's roots and back to my first love...Independent Filmmaking !
I am throwing open my 2100sq.ft. studio doors and am willing to work with small and tiny budgets to get your film made. Time to put that videophone aside and get serious about your project.
I have a fully equipped studio facility which includes green screen staging, Four(4) High Def. full feature cameras that use the P2 card technology. Full Audio. Full studio lighting on 2 massive dimmer packs with ceiling grids. Also over one dozen LED & Fluro low power/high output lighting rigs for studio and location shooting. JHD can shoot from ANY location plus we carry full insurance for remote filming in commercial and private location areas.
Time to stop dreaming and get on the phone and talk to me about how I can become as excited as you about your screenplay. Please check out my website
and get back to me. I have ALL the bells & whistles just sitting in my studio waiting to work with you to make your future award winning film.
Hugh C. Daly (
JHD Productions Ltd.
62 South 2nd Street   Unit E
Deer Park, New York 11729
Tel: 631-595-2818

Friday, August 7, 2015

Casting for Seniors AND Locations Needed

Casting for Seniors AND Locations Needed

Seniors Casting and Locations Needed:

Casting a very special video shoot for a retirement company featuring dynamic retirees in their 60's and 70's in New York.
The shoot date is one day in the week of August 24th or 31st. Compensation is $500 for the shoot day.
Please email:
1.  Name and contact info
2.  How long ago they retired from their primary occupation and what they used to do.
3.  A couple of pictures of themselves. 

Locations needed: (must be film friendly areas - no villages/towns with high permit fees, please)

For a Sleepy's commercial - needed for September - A really nice house with modern bedrooms. Please send referrals to and reference Frizalone.

For an low-budget, independent feature, Alibi, they need a modest home, think working class but in dis-array. August 18 - 23 (6 days). Please email and reference Alibi. (Low location fees)

Thank you.
Best regards,

Monday, May 25, 2015

Casting Notices - Short Film, Feature Film and TV Series

Casting Notices

Casting for SAG/NonSAG short film, By Blood. Children needed. Must look like adult versions of their characters. Boys, dark hair - about 4 foot. 7 - 9 years old. One day, a couple of hours. Shoots North Merrick on July 2. Also, back-ups for my other children - girl, light hair, pretty, trim, about 4'0", 4'1", and boy, dark hair about 4'2" - all 7 - 9 years old. Please submit photo/headshot and bio/resume to

Extras needed for Tuesday, May 26, 2015 in Queens -  Shooting a big ‪#‎funeral scene tomorrow in ‪#‎Queenswith lots of #‎star talent on #‎LostCatCorona. We need some featured extras for this with diversity in casting. If you are interested, please email: for information. All types and ages please.

Calling all Fanboys & Fangirls! ® is looking for people to appear on Season 5 of the hit TV series on AMC! Are you a quirky comic geek with a supersized personality? Is there a comic related item or retro popculture collectible you’ve been longing to buy or sell? Then all your four-color dreams can come true at Executive Producer Kevin Smith’s comic shop Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash!!! Here’s how you get started… Go to and apply ASAP! **Must be 18 years or older to apply** **Travel to Red Bank, NJ and batteries not included**